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Friday, June 19, 2015

iAnimate Games Workshop 2 - takedown

This is my favorite one yet.  There isn't a whole lot to be said. I really liked working with two characters interacting with each other. It is short and sweet, and it just drips with body mechanics. BODY MECHANICS!

This semester has been great, and I really feel like I made some great progress. Confidence comes from mastery, and I feel like I can proudly show off these iAnimate pieces to others, and feel like I'm honestly putting my best foot forward.

In the progress reel below, you can see an additional strike at the end that I ended up removing. I thought it added a really nice punctuation to the end, but I decided it messed up the flow too much. Either I'd scrap it, or completely redo it. For now, I've decided on the former.

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