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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Basketball Blocking and Running Poop

That title couldn't be more accurate.  I've been working on this basketball shot for a few hours.  It is based off of a video of a great deke shot with this hilariously cocky exit from the guy with the ball.  The blocking of the offensive player was easy, since he moved so dynamically.  The defensive player was a little bit more subtle in their movement.  All the same, it has a pretty good flow, though it still needs a bit of work:

So.... eventually I went on and did this.  Yeah... running poops and toilet paper.  Don't grow up, folks, life is way more fun that way.

The two Legion rigs are from the iAnimate rig libary
The poop rig (aptly named Shit rig) is from David O' Rilley's External World Character Rigs