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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dungeon World, where cool players do cool things

"The story I tell will never ever compare to the story we all tell together."

We are a couple months into the campaign, and I've come across two moments that really made Dungeon World shine. I get it now.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

iAnimate Games Workshop 1 - walk and run (and sprint)

This assignment was to do a run cycle. I've done a number of walk cycles already, of course, so I wanted to do something other than the standard humanoid I'm used to. This cute turtle ended up being an unexpected challenge. (Perfect!)

I knew I wanted to do multiple walks/runs from the beginning. I started with a walk, a run, and a sprint; which was more like a meander, a tired gallop, and a run. You can see the sprint in the progress reel, though I ended up taking it out before it went to far. Because of the size of his legs, it ended up being a little too similar to the run, and I had to do all of it in about 8 frames per step. I cut it out so I could focus on the longer walk and run, and get into all of the fun little details.

One thing that I am still not too sure if I made the right call, is the shell deformation. I had the option to leave it rigid, make it really soft and pliable, or what I ended up doing, hit somewhere in the middle. I did a number of tests just to see which one felt the most natural. Since he was not specifically a game model, I had some nice controls to make up for the fact that he isn't really designed to move in a full sprint.

Here's the scrapped WIP sprint, for good measure (of course, I didn't get too far):