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Monday, October 18, 2010

Flour Sack Animation

The focus of this animation was on character. A flour sack, a emotionless, almost formless object, had to make a realistic jumping motions, and the animator had to visually give a reason to make the flour sack jump.

I was not the only person to 'kill' their flour sacks. For all, it proved to be an fun test of creativity to dispose of the flour sack in a humorous fashion on top of meeting the requirements of the assignment.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Storyboards for Elephantal Disaster

Check out some of the new boards for our pitch for Elephantal Disaster.  I've posted three scenes here, showing the main beats of our story: brotherly competition, argument, and friendly resolve.


From the feedback we received by our peers over the beatboard and initial pitch, we decided to drastically change the story we were working with.

Originally, the story was very focused on the fight itself, and much less on the characters and their personal interactions.  We decided the delivery of the theme would be much more effective if the audience was able to make emotional connections to the characters and their situation.  We decided on a chance discovery of a single peanut by two brothers walking with each other.  This would explain a mild rivalry that could get out of hand, and a mutual learning experience that the brothers could share, and the audience could easily read.

Our goal was to make characters with obvious intentions, and play to the audience's likely experiences and perceptions of stereotypes, as to make the audience more easily understand the situation and, thus, more deeply experience the moral.


The storyboards were shown along with character sheets, color diagrams, charts for story, character, and camera, reference images, and samples of existing works. The group presented the story to our peers and superiors in the format of a narration over a short acting play. A quick Q&A explained our choices and intentions, and left us with some more ideas to work with.

From the original seven, this story was one of the four to be picked out for further development.