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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Faked Pixel Aesthetic for Unity

A buddy of mine was working on a game concept, and he wanted a pixel aesthetic.  I did a test over some existing animations to see how well Unity 2D could look for pixel art, and I was actually pretty impressed and how well the look carried over.

This is also a sneak peek of the RR four main enemy types (one more coming), and how their idles are turning out.

For a quick breakdown on how I set it up, click "Read more »"

It's a very simple process, but hey, it still might help someone.  I started with the sprite sheets I've been using that Ryoma and I put together, already set up and with animation.  This is our enemy001 sprite sheet.

I sized them down by around 12.5%, and set resampling to Nearest Neighbor to reduce them to fewer pixels (though you could play with this if you have some loss of detail.

The way our pieces were colored, they took very little tweaking in the pixel stage.  The effects generally required more cleanup because they were already smaller sprites, but even then, it was fairly minimal.

After that, I just resized it by the opposite ratio of 800%, and they were back to size, with the pixel look.  Then I just swapped out the sprite sheets in Unity and that was that.

Now, it's not true pixel art, but it does give me that pixel aesthetic while still allowing me to continue animating the same way.


  1. in photoshop go to filter, pixelate, and then mosaic

    these look really good

  2. Damnit Matt, stop invalidating my tutorials. Really though, thanks for the tip! I will say that one good thing about this method, just because it gives you a chance to tweak anything at the pixel level before you blow it up. But for direct transfer, the pixelate filter is probably loads faster, and also really easy to make a script with. Thanks for the comment.

  3. How do you animate them in unity? Would you ever mind making a tut. for that? I have a lot of body parts that I cant animate! xD

    1. If you check out my 2D_animation tag, you can find more info on how I put these together. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me and I'll try to help you out!