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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Good Ol' Ball Bounce

I wanted to go back and hit on the basics, so I've been doing some simple ball bounces.  I want to work on weight more, as I've been having trouble with animating weight on the heavy Grapple enemies.  Each of these were pretty quick, and as expected, each came quicker than the last.  It's funny because I immediately noticed myself using these principles in a different animation afterwards.

My first four exercises were a stationary and moving bounce, one affected by gravity, and one not.  (Suggested by user Slipsius on Polycount.)  I also threw in some experimentation with different masses, for good measure.  The first four are based off of a basketball.  The next two are bowling balls to get the feeling of a different mass.

Thanks to Saul Garcia for making his ball rig available on Creative Crash.

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