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Monday, September 13, 2010

Beat Boards for Elephantal Disaster


These are beatboards for Elephantal Disaster.  It is a storyboard that describes important beats in the story, or important moments throughout.  This quantity of images could also pass as an early storyboard.

I was thumbnailing for character interaction, location, and environment (and changes that happen to them in relation to the story.)  I tried to consider interesting camera perspectives, and I made some comic-like frame breaking in some of the shots.  Some of these boards were to be re-purposed later as storyboard roughs.


Early in the program, we all wrote stories, and among 28 great stories, we collectively picked our seven favorites and split into groups.  The group I joined worked on Elephantal Disaster, a story written by Anthony Fariello.

The story was originally about two elephants who come across a peanut on the road.  They begin to fight over the peanut, but towards the end, they forget about the peanut while fighting.  The ending involved one elephant running away, and the other, having won the battle, exits the scene, having forgotten about the peanut.

Anthony had written in some creative effects, as the elephant's outfits would change as the battle progressed, and the location they were in (a forest next to a city) would become more and more feral, in relation to the elephant's reckless abandon. The environment would become more and more destroyed during the fight, hence the name, Elephantal Disaster.

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